Seirin J type 0.23 x 30mm (Special Limited Product)

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Pink handle.

J type needles have an easy grip plastic handle, making them ultra lightweight for even the shallowest insertions.  Each needle is held in an individual guide tube without a tab which allows for easy one handed insertion

J type can be used with both ion pumping and electro-acupuncture techniques.

Seirin needles have for many years led the world in disposable needles.  Not only did Seirin introduce the first single use disposable needle, they have continued to develop manufacturing techniques until today they deservedly hold the position as the needle of choice for acupuncturists world wide.

They are made from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel.  Seirin’s unsurpassed manufacturing process ensures smooth, virtually painless insertion, allowing the practitioner greater control.

Made in Japan. Pre-sterilised. Individually blister packed. 100 needles per box.


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