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This sophisticated and versatile spring activated cutaneous probe can be used for the treatment of children or for adult ear or body points. The spring allows for the pressure to be adjusted. There are a total of five interchangable springs contained in the set each with different pressure strength. The probe itself has a smooth rounded tip and the handle has a finely knurled finish that allows the practitioner to have a precise grip.

The other end of the probe features a magnetised smooth metal ball that can be used for acupressure or massage of points. The ball contains eight tiny magnets that impart 2000 gauss strength and can be reversed to alter the polarity from North to South.

Overall length: 133mm

Probe tip diameter: 2mm

Ball diameter: 3mm


Spring strength:

Green – 100g

Yellow – 150g

White – 200g (fitted)

Purple – 250g Red – 300g

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